7 Moments We Can’t Wait to See in the Final Fantasy VII Remake

We are pleased to announce that we have written our first ever guest post over at Super Loot, which looks at the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake (due out in March 2020) and which aspects of the game we are most excited to play through again in next-generation graphics. Please go check it out!

Guest Post – 7 Moments We Can’t Wait to See in the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Super Loot is a monthly subscription geek box aimed at anyone who loves and lives the geeky life. Each box is a mystery and carefully curated by the team to provide customers with the best in gaming, sci-fi, movies and comic exclusives. With three different box types to choose from, there is a Super Loot box for everyone to enjoy!

As a special promotion, customers who sign up today will get £5 off their first mystery box. Check out their website for more details and to visit their eShop with t-shirts and Pop Vinyls.

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